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Welcome to Bait Ballz - The World's First Reusable Soft Bead

This soft bead, used in any water conditions, provides anglers with an effective fishing method which is less harmful to the fish we pursue.

  • Made of a durable material that resists tearing or splitting.
  • Available in a variety of fish catching colors.
  • Significant “BOUNCE” creates continual action that moves stubborn fish.
  • Mimics real Salmon and Steelhead eggs naturally tumbling down river.
  • Use with several techniques of fishing including . . .
    • Fly Fishing — Nymphing alone or used as a trailer behind flies.
    • Centerpin — Slow sink rate requires little weight for natural presentation.
    • Conventional Tackle — Drift Fishing, Side Drifting, Bobber Doggin.
  • Small sizes can be tied into flies as a shoulder for intruders using less dubbing.
  • Tie into jigs for a different profile anadromous fish have never encountered.

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